Is there any option to use Cryptovizor for free?

Yes, we have a free BASIC plan. We also offer a 15-day trial access to the PRO+ALERTS plan. All tariff plans can be found on the "Pricing" page

What to do if the payment doesn’t go through?

Please, ask for assistance in the Telegram Chat. Technical support will take care of your case [email protected]

How to get in touch with us?

Do not hesitate to drop a message to our admins in Telegram Chat. There also is a feedback form in your Cryptovizor account. 

Who should consider using Cryptovizor?

Cryptovizor is a perfect service for active traders. 

What are the main Cryptovizor advantages?

Our service provides some tools to improve the quality of the technical analysis and decision-making process. It can be used to understand the market situation as well as a certain coin / token current situation. You can read about each feature here

The bug has been found. What’s next?

There is a feedback form in your Cryptovizor account. Kindly ask to fill it out with a detailed bug description or reach the admins in Telegram Chat.

Is it possible to trade using Cryptovizor?

No, Cryptovizor is designed as an analytics platform.

Are there any tutorial materials?

Yes, here is the documentation and the full tutorial videos are available on our youtube channel

Are the analytics objects saved in TradingView inside the platform?


How to understand the BTC delta data?

Please, watch this video explanation 

How to activate the account via Telegram?

There is a “Activate” button in your account.

We have a business proposal or partnership agreement. Whom to contact?

Please, drop your offer to [email protected]