Cryptovizor's review: free cryptocurrency screener for Binance

Cryptovizor's review: free cryptocurrency screener for Binance


Cryptovizor truly represents a leap forward in cryptocurrency trading tools. Designed with the needs of modern traders in mind and developed by a team of experienced traders in 2020, it aims to reduce the time needed for market analysis. It also enables users to efficiently select trading pairs and receive timely signals about significant market changes via Telegram and a browser.

Including three key modules—aggregated market data on Bitcoin from all exchanges, a USDT pair screener, and a signals module—Cryptovizor empowers traders to either create their own trading system or utilize an already established strategy. Furthermore, its integration with an educational platform opens access to the "Trends" module, making trading more intuitive and profitable.

Cryptovizor is the ideal choice for traders looking to enhance their trading outcomes. It is equipped with innovative features and combines ease of use with in-depth market analysis, standing out as a comprehensive tool in the cryptocurrency trading landscape.

What's cryptocurrency screener?

Cryptovizor functionality overview

Cryptovizor offers a broad range of tools and features specifically designed to meet the needs of modern traders. Each function of the screener is aimed at simplifying and accelerating the market analysis process, allowing traders to focus on making well-informed trading decisions. This section will delve into the key modules and capabilities that make Cryptovizor an indispensable tool for successful trading.

"Delta BTC" module serves as the foundation for effective market analysis. It aggregates Bitcoin pricing data from leading spot exchanges into a unified integrated system. The unique OVERALL index allows traders to see the "true" price of Bitcoin, combining data on price, trading volumes, and delta from across the market. This provides a deep and comprehensive analysis and gives traders an advantage in making decisions based on the most current market information.

Binance SPOT USDT screener simplifies the process of selecting and filtering trading pairs, significantly reducing the time needed to search for trading setups. Its grouping and filtering system within a user-friendly interface allows users to quickly find and analyze cryptocurrencies in accordance with their trading strategy, making Cryptovizor a powerful tool for fast and accurate cryptocurrency monitoring.

Binance cryptocurrency signals module offers traders the opportunity to receive alerts about important market situations via Telegram and a browser, enabling timely responses to market changes. This module is indispensable for constant market monitoring, as it includes individual and group signals notifying about price crossings, trading volumes, large purchases, and other market indicators.

Binance heatmap and multichart modul* elevates data visualization to a new level, presenting an intuitive way to analyze market activity. The heatmap highlights the most active trading pairs based on various parameters, while multichart linear graphs allow simultaneous observation of the dynamics of multiple cryptocurrencies, thereby facilitating comparison and analysis of trends.

Integration with Tradingview charts enhances Cryptovizor's analytical capabilities, providing access to advanced tools for graphical analysis. Users can take advantage of the full range of Tradingview functions directly from the Cryptovizor interface, making the analysis process even deeper and more multifunctional.

Features and advantages

Cryptovizor revolutionizes the cryptocurrency analysis process by offering a unique set of features that distinguish it from competitors. This provides a significant advantage for traders of any level, as it helps them not only save time but also create more effective and profitable trading strategies.

Saving traders time on a daily basis

One of the key tasks of Cryptovizor is to maximize traders' time savings traditionally spent on daily analysis and selection of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to automated data collection and aggregation, as well as advanced filtering and sorting algorithms, Cryptovizor frees users from the need to manually analyze vast amounts of information. Traders gain access to current data in real-time, enabling them to make quick, well-informed trading decisions.

Creating your own trading system based on signals

Cryptovizor offers a powerful set of tools for creating your own trading systems based on timely signals. Traders can customize alert parameters according to their strategies and receive notifications about important market events. This allows for a prompt response to market movements and leveraging situations for entering and exiting trades.

Built-in trading strategy and access to the "Trends" module based on training

Cryptovizor goes beyond being just an analytical tool and provides a ready-to-use trading strategy available to users after completing professional online training. This training allows traders not only to master the basics of cryptocurrency trading but also to dive deep into the specifics of working with the screener. Access to the exclusive "Trends" module, which uses proprietary algorithms to determine optimal market entry points, is unlocked after training, enabling trading in harmony with the overall market trend.

Trends Cryptovizor

Integration with Trader Make Money

Integration with the Trader Make Money diary is a significant advantage for those aiming to analyze their trading for continuous improvement and want to know how to use Trader Make Money at a professional level. All trades on Binance are automatically recorded in the diary, with Cryptovizor filling in each trade with market data at the time of opening and closing the position. This allows traders to deeply analyze their actions, identify successes and mistakes, and adapt their trading strategy for better results.

Education and support

The educational component and user support are key elements of our analytical platform. Cryptovizor excels in this area by offering comprehensive resources for learning and support, helping users to utilize the screener's full capabilities efficiently.

Trading education Tradium

Online education platform with courses of Trading and Web3

Cryptovizor includes a modern online learning platform that offers courses covering not just the basics of trading on cryptocurrency markets but also more advanced topics such as futures trading, trading strategies, market analysis, and the use of specific screener tools. Special attention is given to the Web3 course, reflecting the platform's ambition to stay at the forefront of technological development. Web3 opens new horizons for digital interaction, covering the use of cryptocurrency wallets, NFTs, and earning opportunities in Web3. This course is available for free on our platform, which can be an excellent self-investment at the initial stage of exploring the cryptocurrency space.

Documentation and Telegram chat for support

In addition to educational programs, Cryptovizor provides extensive documentation available here: []( This documentation serves as a guide to all aspects of using the screener, from basic functions to complex tools and settings. For further user support, a Telegram chat has been organized where you can get an instant answer to any question, discuss strategies with other traders, and share your experience with the platform. Besides the support chat, we have a large trader community — Tradium [](, where participants can find like-minded individuals, exchange experiences, and inspire each other to reach new heights in trading.

Plans and referral program

Cryptovizor offers a flexible pricing plan system designed to meet the diverse needs and levels of traders. Additionally, the platform includes a referral program that allows users to gain extra benefits by attracting new clients.

Pricing plans:

- BASIC (Free): Provides core features, including aggregated volume and BTC delta, volume and RSI screener for all USDT pairs on Binance Spot, access to all timeframes, watchlists, Multichart + Trends, volatility factor, and a heatmap with filters. Suitable for beginners and those who want to familiarize themselves with the platform's main capabilities.

- PRO ($39/month): Includes all features of the basic plan plus extended functionality, such as Tradingview charts on all screener pages, cumulative delta for all altcoins, ticker tape, custom MA values, alerts in Telegram and browser, withdrawal of referral bonuses, a terminal for Paper Trading in Telegram, and integration with the trader's diary. This plan is recommended for experienced traders who need additional tools for in-depth market analysis.

- PRO+ALERTS ($49/month): All the benefits of the PRO plan plus the ability to receive group signals across the market and access to the signal marketplace. This plan is ideal for traders looking to maximize their trading process automation and use advanced alerts to enhance trading efficiency.

Cryptovizor pricing

Referral program:

Cryptovizor offers a lucrative referral program that allows both new and existing users to receive additional benefits. By inviting a friend, users receive a 10% cashback from the first subscription payment, while the referrer gets a 10% referral bonus. This provides an excellent opportunity not only to share a quality trading tool with friends but also to gain extra benefits for one's own account. The withdrawal of referral bonuses in USDT is available!

Cryptovizor's comprehensive approach, combining flexible pricing plans with a rewarding referral program, makes it a standout choice for traders looking to enhance their trading efficiency and profitability.

Technical realization

Cryptovizor's technical implementation embodies cutting-edge technologies and innovations, positioning this crypto scanner as one of the most powerful and reliable tools in the market. Its platform's functionality is grounded in the following technical solutions and approaches, ensuring high performance and usability:

Stable uptime

Cryptovizor is characterized by its stable operation 24/7 over four years. This reliability level is achieved through the application of distributed systems and cloud technologies, ensuring high service availability and its ability to self-recover in case of failures. This is particularly crucial for traders who value every minute that could play a decisive role in making trading decisions.

Service openness

Cryptovizor stands out for the openness of its service. Anyone interested can enter and familiarize themselves with the interface of all screener modules without registration. This not only demonstrates the developers' confidence in the quality of their product but also allows potential users to evaluate the platform's functionality before deciding to subscribe.

Moving calculation method in the volume screener

The volume screener utilizes a moving calculation method, the best solution for obtaining real-time volume change data without being tied to bars or candles. This enables traders to respond promptly to market changes, basing their decisions on the most up-to-date information.

Over 100,000 signal combinations

Cryptovizor stands out in the market with its unique capability to create over 100,000 combinations of signals across different timeframes. This feature offers traders unparalleled flexibility in creating and customizing their trading systems, allowing not only to adapt notifications to individual strategies and preferences but also to subscribe to ready-made cryptocurrency signals in the marketplace. Access to a wide array of ready-made signals opens additional opportunities for trading activity optimization, enabling users to choose among tested and effective strategies developed by experts and successful traders.

Algorithmic trading via webhook

For traders interested in algorithmic trading, Cryptovizor offers the possibility to set up trading based on signals through a webhook. This allows for the automation of the trading process by integrating the screener with trading bots and other algorithmic systems, thereby enhancing the efficiency and speed of trading operations.

Cryptovizor's comprehensive technical solutions cater to the dynamic needs of modern traders, offering a robust platform that combines ease of use with deep market insights, ultimately empowering users to achieve better trading outcomes.

Use cases and user feedback

At Cryptovizor, we take pride in our cryptocurrency screener becoming an indispensable tool for many traders. Our users not only achieve significant success in trading but also eagerly share their experiences and stories about how Cryptovizor has changed their approach to market analysis and trading.

How Cryptovizor benefits our users:

- The "Trends" module has revolutionized trading for many of our users, enabling real-time market dynamics tracking and facilitating informed trading decisions. After completing our courses, one user expressed astonishment at how they managed without such a powerful tool before.

- Integrating trading strategies with the screener allows our users to see a "light in the dark world of cryptocurrency trading," illuminating the path to their financial goals. This "light" not only provides direction but also offers specific tools for trading success.

Users regularly leave feedback in our Telegram channel @tradiumcrypto, sharing their Cryptovizor experience and impressions from our educational courses. Here are some examples of how our platform has influenced their trading:

- "Cryptovizor is the best thing I've encountered in the trading sphere. After training, you realize the importance of a structured approach and deep market understanding. This platform has been a real discovery for me."

- "Starting to use Cryptovizor immediately gives you a sense of its power and convenience. It's a tool that incorporates everything necessary for successful trading."

- "The training at Tradium school and using Cryptovizor was the step that separates a novice from a professional. After losing capital due to inexperience, I realized the importance of deep knowledge and the right tools in trading."

We are grateful for every review and success story from our users. These stories affirm that Cryptovizor is not just an analytical tool but a full-fledged trading partner capable of providing the necessary knowledge and support to achieve your trading goals. Your success is our main motivation to continue developing and improving Cryptovizor.


Throughout the years of Cryptovizor's development and enhancement, we have always aimed to provide traders with a tool that not only saves time and simplifies market analysis but also offers a real trading advantage. Thanks to its reliability, ease of use, and comprehensive feature set, Cryptovizor has proven its value and effectiveness for traders of all levels.

Cryptovizor is more than just a cryptocurrency screener. It's a comprehensive tool that provides traders with access to deep market analysis, personalized signals, trading platform integration, and numerous educational resources. Regardless of your knowledge and experience level, Cryptovizor can be the very tool that not only helps you adapt to rapidly changing market conditions but also leverages them to your advantage.

Get started with Cryptovizor

Starting with Cryptovizor is a pathway to unlocking the full potential of our screener, designed for those ready to take their trading to the next level. Here’s a simple way to get started:

1. Visit the official Cryptovizor website: Your gateway to exploring what Cryptovizor has to offer. Start by visiting to find comprehensive information about our screener and initiate your trading journey.

2. Register your account: Creating an account is a straightforward and quick process. Registration is the first step towards personalizing your Cryptovizor experience.

3. Take advantage of our special offer: Dive into Cryptovizor’s capabilities with a 15-day PRO+ALERTS trial. This is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with our platform's advanced features and functionalities without any commitment.

4. Explore our educational materials and guides: Maximize your Cryptovizor usage by delving into our range of tutorials and manuals. These resources are designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency in utilizing all the features Cryptovizor offers.

5. Start analyzing the market: Begin crafting signals and strategies, then follow those that resonate most with your trading style and objectives.

We are confident that Cryptovizor will become an indispensable tool in your trading arsenal. Join the Cryptovizor community of successful traders today and discover new horizons in crypto trading!

Contact information

We are always here to assist and answer any questions you might have about using Cryptovizor. Below you’ll find all necessary links to stay connected with us and receive up-to-date information:

- Website: Our primary resource where you can find all information about Cryptovizor and start using the screener. Visit the website.

- Useful documentation: Gathered here are answers to frequently asked questions and detailed guides on using our screener. Explore the documentation.

- Telegram channel: Join our official Telegram channel to stay informed about the latest news and updates. Subscribe to the channel.

- Support chat: If you have any questions or need assistance, our support chat is always ready to help. Ask a question in support chat.

- YouTube channel: Find video tutorials, streams from our CEO Alex Zukutoke, and much more on our channel. It’s a great resource for learning and gaining additional insights into trading. Visit the YouTube channel.

We welcome feedback and are prepared to provide you with the necessary support at every stage of your journey in the world of crypto trading. Feel free to reach out to us through any of the communication channels listed!