What is cryptocurrency scalping?

What is cryptocurrency scalping?

Cryptocurrency scalping is an intraday trading strategy focused on making numerous small-profit trades. This approach accumulates into a substantial total profit by the end of the trading day. The method gained popularity in the late 20th century with the advent of powerful computers and initially found its use on stock exchanges before moving to Forex platforms and the crypto industry. As information processing speeds increased, the time for opening/closing positions decreased, benefiting traders significantly.

The evolution of technology has garnered a vast following for this strategy. The creation of cryptocurrency screeners has made scalping a profitable endeavor with minimal time investment. Now, traders do not need to analyze market situations independently. Instead, they can rely on the data provided by these programs.

Scalping requires discipline, market understanding, and instant decision-making from the trader. It is more suited to experienced users, as beginners might find it challenging to navigate the constant market changes. New traders are advised to start by understanding what cryptocurrency scalping entails to fully grasp its nuances theoretically.

Quick Profits from Volatility

Choosing the right asset is crucial for successful scalping. If a coin's value fluctuates by only 1-2% a day, achieving significant results is unlikely. Conversely, coins with over 15% volatility, reaching 2-3% hourly, are ideal for scalping because this strategy thrives on minor price movements.

Trading occurs on short timeframes, with technical analysis forming the decision-making foundation. Time ranges include 1 hour, as well as 15, 5, and 1 minute. Traders learn to spot even the slightest opportunities for profit, considering:

  • Trading volumes;
  • Support/resistance levels;
  • Price action.

Indicators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and moving averages are also used in cryptocurrency scalping.

Discretionary vs. Systematic Traders

Traders are divided into discretionary, who act "here and now" with minimal system requirements and rely more on intuition, and systematic, who follow a well-thought-out strategy. For the latter, cryptocurrency screeners for scalping, such as Cryptovizor, are invaluable, providing timely signals for trade entry and exit.

Cryptovizor is an innovative analytical platform designed by experienced traders familiar with the crypto world's nuances. It offers essential data for trading, including various timeframes and information from leading crypto exchanges.

Range trading is also popular among scalpers. When prices fluctuate within specified limits, traders execute trades, always prepared for a breakout by setting stop-loss and take-profit levels. Despite the high risk of price moving beyond these limits, traders can achieve significant profits.

Thus, cryptocurrency scalping offers opportunities for quick earnings against market volatility, requiring deep knowledge and fast decision-making from traders.